How to do factory reset my Popsical?


    Common Issue

    My Popsical device keeps showing that it's not connected to the internet and stuck at network selection page while my wifi is fine.


    My Popsical device shows that it's not connected to the internet just after update, before update it was working fine.


    My Popsical device shows that it's not connected to the internet when I use WiFi but it's working fine if I use Ethernet/LAN connection.


    What is the issue and how to troubleshoot?

    First, this issue could be related to some faulty during installation. You could try to connect an Ethernet/LAN cable then restart the device. If the device is working fine with LAN cable then you can proceed to factory reset so that you can use WiFi connection again.


    Second, if the method above is still not solving the issue, it may related to hardware issue. Please check with customer service or go to our store.


    How to do factory reset?

    What you need

    • Popsical remote control
    • USB mouse
    • Ethernet/LAN connection


    1. Make sure the Popsical device works with Ethernet/LAN connection and you can see the app main page
    2. Using the remote control, Go to settings (≡) >> select “More”
    3. Select "General Settings"
    4. Plug in the USB mouse (as you can't get past step 5 without a mouse)
    5. Using the mouse, Scroll down and select “Backup & Reset”
    6. Select “Factory Data Reset”
    7. Proceed to reset tvbox and erase every thing
    8. Don’t unplug power until you see the old version setup screen (for Popsical TV Green/Pink this reboot might take a long time, you can unplug and plug back in after ~5 minutes)
    9. When you see setup screen, try to connect to WiFi.
    10. If at this point your device still cannot connect to WiFi then it's a hardware problem