How do I set up my Popsical Sound?

    To set up your Popsical Sound, follow these steps.


    Step 1: Power
    Connect the (1) power cable from the end of the Popsical Sound to a (2) power port.


    Press the (3) On button at the front panel of the Popsical Sound.



    Step 2: Connecting Popsical Sound to Popsical

    You can connect Popsical sound to Popsical via the RCA to AUX cable or via Bluetooth

    Via RCA to AUX cable

    Ensure that you are using the correct cable as displayed below.



    Connect the (4) RCA end of the cable to the back of the speaker. Ensure that the red end is connected to the red port, and the white end is connected to the white port. Next, connect the 3.5mm end of the cable to the (5) 3.5mm port at the back of the Popsical.



    Via Bluetooth

    Press (6) INPUT on the front panel of the Popsical sound until the (7) screen displays BLUE.


    Next, on the Popsical, go to Settings > General Settings > Bluetooth > Hi Fi Speakers > Pair.



    Step 3: Activating the microphones
    (8) Insert the batteries provided into the wireless microphone. Next, (9) switch on the microphone. It will automatically connect to Popsical Sound.



    It's that simple. You are all set to Karaoke!

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