I've been offered 3 months Free Premium Subscription. How do I activate it?

    Step 1

    Head on over to popsical.com and press "Sign In" button.


    Step 2

    Select ‘Sign Up Here’. Enter email address and create password.


    Step 3

    Enter TV code that appears on your TV.


    Step 4

    Click the "Add Payment Method" button and enter your credit/debit card details.


    Step 5

    Select ‘Subscribe monthly’


    Step 6

    Enter all your details and importantly, enter the ‘Promo Code’ given to you to enjoy the 3 months free subscription. Then select ‘Proceed to Payment’.



    Important Notes:

    • Your 3 months subscription will last for 3 months after. (Example, if you activate your 3 months free subscription on 31 Dec 2017, your 3 months account will be expire and auto-renew on 30 Mar 2018.)
    • To find out how to prevent auto-renewal of your subscription plan, click HERE.


    Step 7

    Success! You have completed the necessary steps for this.




    1. Please make sure ONLY the Popsical TV is logged in with a premium account in order to enjoy the premium play time.
    2. The app doesn't need to be logged in with a premium account. Even with a basic account on the app, it can still play premium song as long as it is paired to a Popsical TV that is logged in with a premium account.


    Still have a question? Drop us a note at: hello@popsical.com or call our Hotline: at +65 6206 0929 (Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm UTC+8)

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