Singtel Christmas Promo: I've been offered 3 months Free Premium Subscription. How do I activate it?

    Step 1

    Head on over to and press "Sign In" button.


    Step 2

    Select ‘Sign Up Here’. Enter email address and create password.


    Step 3

    Enter TV code that appears on your TV.


    Step 4

    Click the "Add Payment Method" button and enter your credit/debit card details.


    Step 5

    Select ‘Subscribe monthly’



    Step 6

    Enter all your details and importantly, enter the unique ‘Promo Code’ given to you to enjoy the 3 months free subscription (See image snapshot below). Then select ‘Proceed to Payment’.


    Importantly, for Singtel customers enjoying this promo, please set up your account and activate this promo code latest by 28th Feb 2018.


    Your 3 months subscription will last for 3 months after. (Example, if you activate your 3 months free subscription on 28 Feb 2018, your 3 months account will be expire and auto-renew on 27 May 2018.)




    To find out how to prevent auto-renewal of your subscription plan, click HERE.


    Step 7

    Success! You have completed the necessary steps for this. Enjoy your premium subscription!




    1. Please make sure ONLY the Popsical TV is logged in with a premium account in order to enjoy the premium play time.
    2. The app doesn't need to be logged in with a premium account. Even with a basic account on the app, it can still play premium song as long as it is paired to a Popsical TV that is logged in with a premium account.


    Still have a question? Drop us a note at: or call our Hotline: at +65 6206 0929 (Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm UTC+8)

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